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The Lincoln Sky Knight's RC field is located about 15-30 minutes Northeast of Lincoln, near the town of Waverly. Any lodging location along the Lincoln I-80 exits will offer you quick and simple access to the flying site. Downtown locations also have good access back to I-80 via I-180. Lodging locations South along Highway 2 will require you to traverse Lincoln to reach the field and are not suggested, unless you want see a lot of Lincoln. Most lodging along I-80 is located either at 27th street (exit 403) or the airport (exit 399.) Closest locations to the field are 27th street (15min), then the Airport (20 min), then downtown (30 min). We have listed a few possibilities along I-80 and downtown for your convenience. There is also a wide variety of restaurants on 27th street and downtown.

Baymont Inn and Suites Hotel
3939 N 26th Street (27th)
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 477-1100

Cornhusker Super 8 Motel/ Supertel Hospitality Mgt, Inc.
2545 Cornhusker Highway (27th)
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 467-4488

Sleep Inn Airport
3400 NW 12th Street (Airport)
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 475-1550

AmericInn Lodge & Suites
6555 N 27th Street (27th)
Lincoln, NE 68521(402) 435-1600

Comfort Inn/Tharaldson Enterprises
2940 NW 12th Street I-80 Exit (Airport)
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 475-2200

Country Inn & Suites
5353 N 27th Street (27th)
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 476-5353

Holiday Inn Lincoln Downtown
141 N 9th Street (downtown)
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 475-4011

Ramada Limited - North
4433 N 27th Street (27th)
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 476-2222

Staybridge Suites by Holiday Inn
2701 Fletcher Avenue (27th)
Lincoln, NE 68504(402) 438-7829

For those that would prefer hotel lodging, we suggest the Cornhusker and Embassy Suites. Both are downtown.

The Cornhusker
333 South 13th Street

Embassy Suites
1040 P Street
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Other Info

RV Hookups - We have RV electricity hookups at the flying site available for use. We have water available, but it is not potable. You are welcome to camp at our site.

Trailers - You may leave your trailer at the flying site if you wish, but it will be at your own risk. The site is well lit and the gate will be locked at night, but FYI, we have had three break-ins to our club house in the last two years.

Clubhouse - We have electricity for pilot use at the clubhouse. We also have two refrigerators, a microwave, grill and stove available.

Site restrictions - We have no restrictions at the site for plane type, size, sound, etc. You may fly any AMA legal plane at any time of day. (Note, all planes must be AMA legal.)

Flight Line - The flight line is declared to be the near edge of the asphalt runway, extending to the North/South. All flying must be to the East of this line.

Runway & Over Fly - The paved runway was resurfaced this year and is in excellent condition. Our over fly area is flat and vertical obstacle free.

Ground Obstacles - There are a few ground obstacles you should need to note around the runway fringe and over fly area. Typically these are never an issue unless you are dead stick, or landing way too hot. We have a pond that parallels the runway about 150 yards out to the East. The pond is approximately 80'x300'. It is often hard to see from the pilot stations, but believe us, it is there. Past the North end of the grass runway, there is a water hookup for our sprinkler system. It is about 50 feet North and 50 feet East of the end of the North end of the asphalt runway. It is not visible from the pilot stations. At the South edge of the property, approximately 100 feet past the South end of the runway, there is a shallow ditch you will want to avoid. The ends of the asphalt runway often a bit rough and can damage gear at high speed, especially in mid-late summer. If you are landing hot, we suggest you take the grass runway which is well maintained, or if already on the asphalt, veer into the grass runway.

Freqs - There have been no bad freqs reported. The frequency control board is located in the pits, directly in front of the club house.

Rules - Please follow all AMA rules. Our club rules are pretty standard and can be viewed on the Site Rules page.