LSK Contact Information

Club Officers

President -                                    Alan Zinnecker    402-432-9066

Vice President/Contest Director  - Leonard Akert     402-326-5970

Secretary -                                    Wilson Hardy       402-890-3161

Treasurer -                                    Mike Yearly          402-475-1609

Safety Officer -                               Brad Pankoke     402-797-8710

Webmaster -                                  Rich Kuenning     402-304-3152

Mailing Address:

Lincoln Sky Knights
P.O. Box 83605
Lincoln, NE 68501-3605


Don Svoboda

Brad Pankoke

Dave Reiber

Clanking Armor Staff
- Send us your articles.

Editor - Leonard Akert

Reporters - All club members are encouraged to report on events and/or write article on any RC or plane related topic. We will print it if you write it.

Who to Call for Help

Can't figure out how to fit part A to part B, or need a Flying Lesson? Give one of these helpful folks a call!

Rich Kuenning       402-464-3256

Ric Feldman          402-613-3089

Wilson Hardy         402-890-3161

Bill Davis                402-475-2305
Mike Yearley          402-475-1609
Leonard Akert        cel   402-326-5970

Tuesday Evening LSK Pilot Intro Program/Training Leader - Ric Feldman   402-613-3089


Auction Coordinator - Alan Zinnecker   402-432-9066